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Dated: 05/05/2018

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Are you one that smiles politely, nodding a quick thanks knowing you aren’t going to visit when the foodies start down their list of must-visit restaurants in the area?

If you are, just know you are not alone. Having multiple food allergies and sensitivities combined with being on the road a lot (or even just a simple trip or vacation) presents challenges that many others understand, but often times we feel so alone because we don’t speak up about it.

I have discovered the more I open up on the subject of food as it pertains to me, the more I meet others that are in very similar points in life as I am, OR if they aren’t in the same boat, they are fascinated that you can bake and eat delicious meals without the eggs, milk products and wheat flours (and a whole list of other common items people don’t even realize are in almost everything they eat) that for generations our mothers, grandmothers and so on have used.

So, if you are years into the journey of advanced food prep or just getting started in figuring it out, I want to share one recipe here that makes for a super quick advance meal prep that can come in handy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Since it took me months and months of searching to find recipes that I could use with minimal ingredient changes since most allergy sites out there are for one to two allergy/sensitivity avoidance, I hope that this can be of help to at least just one person in this journey of life.

As we all know, sandwiches are the quick grabs in life when it comes to packing most lunches or meals in advance for trips, work/schooldays or just a quick meal at home.  And, the most important part (well from where I see it anyway) of a sandwich is the bread.  Bread was the most challenging thing (next to waffles, but that’s a whole other conversation to be had later) I had to overcome when first being diagnosed with multiple food allergies.  I mean, seriously, what is “off-the-regular-grocery-store-shelf” bread made of?  Can you name more than four ingredients without looking?

I assure you before I had allergies, I couldn’t answer that question either.  And, most likely if you don’t have allergies or avoid certain ingredients due to personal choice, you aren’t going to know either.  Ignoring all of the preservatives and “natural” and/or “artificial” flavorings, the main ingredients (not including water), are usually the ingredients needing to be avoided.  This poses a challenge for anyone that is new to the multiple food avoidance journey in life.  This is where this AWESOME recipe comes in….

Ms. Karina Allrich, otherwise known as the Gluten-Free Goddess through her blog at, I believe has by far the best wheat-free bread recipe I have tried.  It works great for sandwiches or toast!  There are some breads that you can buy off-the-shelf in the gluten-free sections of most local grocery stores, but I haven’t found one yet that compares to the texture or taste (not to mention the cost) as the Gluten-Free Goddess’ recipe.  And, the best part for me is that after making it in the bread machine so many times now, I can have this recipe put together and walking away from to let the bread machine do its thing in under 15 minutes.

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Her basic bread recipe is “Karina’s Delicious Gluten-Free Bread Recipe.”  The recipe is perfect as is, or for those that would like a more whole wheat look or texture to their bread, I sometimes substitute the millet for buckwheat (DON’T PANIC – buckwheat is not wheat, despite the name) and/or the Egg Replacer for a flaxseed egg replacement (2T of flaxseed meal + 6T of warm water – let sit for about five minutes to gel before incorporating into the recipe).

Once baked, cooled and sliced, you can freeze what isn’t eaten, making it even easier to prepare for those quick unexpected trips or last-minute meal needs.  I find toasting it adds a level of texture that I prefer more to the plain after it has been cooled.

So, if you are just starting or are many years into the certain food avoidance journey of life, I hope this helps and offer this piece of advice – DON’T GIVE UP!  You can thrive, not just survive, with food allergies! 

Please reach out to me if you need tips and tricks to get to the next phase with it – I am always eager to share and learn in this area of my life since it can be a big challenge as well as a great reward once figured out.

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